Random Questions / Thoughts?

Why do people opposed to the Covid-19 Vaccine run out and hoard all the rapid tests if they don't believe Covid is a real thing and/or a big deal?

Why are these anti-vaxxers getting sick and using up hospital beds and resources, preventing people with illnesses or medical emergencies that could otherwise be treated from getting the medical attention they need because these clowns are laid up asking doctors to save their lives?

Why are there countless stories of these pussies, who have ridiculed and shamed others for being vaccinated, lying in hospital beds BEGGING for the vaccine and forcing medical staff to tell them "it's too late"? Note: I would LOVE to be the staffer that got to tell them "YER GONNA DIE"

Why is there an uproar now that there are doctors around the country coming out and saying they have lost empathy for these fucks when they are lying in beds dying?

Why am I wrong for not giving a single sliver of a fuck when you people die??

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