Team BlackHeart

Embrace your indifference to the people in the world who think they matter. Use every chance you have to remind them that they don't. The "influencers", the self-righteous, the self absorbed; To the people who think you care what every one of their meals look like; To those with hidden agendas. To those who think the sun rises and sets on them; To the people that think their problems are everyone else's problem; From the 400lb women who think the world wants to see their IG photo shoots, to the men of the world who think every female that says hello "wants" them. To the fuckboys, the hoes, whiners and complainers, the self-entitled shit-bags; To anyone that feels some sort of "right" to invade your physical, personal, and emotional space.... be savage in letting every single one of these people understand that you CAN and DO see them.

The world needs more honestly. The world needs a backbone. The world needs for those of us who have a spine to let certain people know that we don't agree with who they are or what they stand for. The world needs for more people to understand that we dont need to be the villain for not supporting certain self-fulfilling agendas. The world needs for more people to genuinely not care about how their opinions "make me feel". Sometimes its ok to have a black heart. To those that do, I applaud you...

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